Inspirational Quotes & Affirmations to Support Sobriety

Taking things one step at a time, not giving up when you experience setbacks, and practicing positive self-reinforcement can all make a world of difference. Many have found a whole new life on the other side of alcohol dependence, and so can you. Everyday people aren’t the only ones who struggle with addiction.

The affirmations and wisdom contained in sobriety quotes offer support and guidance, helping individuals stay focused on their goals and maintain a positive mindset. Whether you’re on the path to addiction recovery, seeking strength to stay sober, or looking to support a loved one, these 25 sobriety quotes are tailor-made. These and other addiction recovery quotes are a great way to facilitate the process of early recovery.

Choose Your Hard: The Power of Making Difficult Choices

I don’t think I can continue doing this.” And I reached out for help and I ran with it, you know? It’s really not that difficult to overcome these seemingly ghastly problems. Whether you want a reminder to pop up on your phone or to stick notes to your bathroom mirror, hopefully you’ll find the list below helpful to avoid recovery burnout. Expectations may not be fulfilled, hopes may be shattered, and dreams can become frustrated. All of these may lead to feelings of discontent that can fluctuate and evolve throughout the life cycle.

12-Step Sayings for Everyone – Guideposts

12-Step Sayings for Everyone.

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Reasons for becoming sober are very individual but regardless of why you did it, the important part is that you stopped drinking—and that’s a huge accomplishment. “Lots of people will say, ‘Oh, I can stop drinking anytime I want’ but then go back when it turns out to be harder than they thought,” says Dr. Heinzerling. But you’ve already overcome that first hurdle of getting sober and have moved into the recovery phase. This is one of those inspirational sobriety quotes that just makes me laugh.

Relapse Prevention Plan

I’ve never felt so much gratitude for random things in my life. I am discovering my intuition for the first time and choices are much easier to make. Staying sober on a daily basis, we experience our full range of emotions. Naturally, there will be times of worry, hardship, boredom, anger and sadness to add to the mix of joy, contentment, freedom and gratitude. Here, Delamere list the best top 20 sobriety quotes of all time, as we see them. An easy – yet often overlooked – way to do this is to reflect on one or more sobriety quotes each day.

motivational sayings for sobriety

They express genuine feelings and can guide anyone needing support. Take a moment to read these sobriety quotes, reflect on their meaning, and share them with someone close to you. Use these powerful words to guide your recovery journey or help sobriety sayings someone you care about. Recovering from alcohol addiction can feel intimidating. Sometimes, a boost of encouragement, or a reminder that you’re not alone, can make all the difference. Below, we’ve collected some of our favorite recovery quotes.