How About We All-beautiful Women Sleep Across? | Ladies Chase

She is gorgeous. She can sleep with anybody she really wants to. Therefore, if she actually is a beautiful woman, the reason why WOULDN’T she sleep about collectively hot guy she will get?

Commenting back at my article on

obtaining women with a jealousy plotline

, a reader asks:

Hi Chase,

I have obtained with a girl I found in a cafe.

That marks my very first put previously from time game!

It wasn’t very straightforward attain the girl during intercourse but I managed.

She’s beautiful, extremely wise, great character, decent body- incredible woman.

Finished . which shocks me personally so is this:

After asleep with each other, I casually requested her exactly how many partners she’s had prior to. I always try this and not encounter as judgemental, so chicks constantly give me personally the total record, including dudes who don’t “really rely”

So I learn she is been honest with and freely opened. She said she had one significant sweetheart that is certainly it. One lover just.

I asked “What about any everyday untamed escapades? Some nasty motion at parties or something?” She laughed and mentioned she’s not a celebration kinda of individual. She will be able to drink socially but never got intoxicated and passed away and she despises groups.

I guess just what actually confuses me personally is: if she is telling the reality, precisely why on earth would a hot girl like her not hook-up? Dudes inspect her out everyday, I am sure they must have hit on the. It really is so simple for her for gender, yet she says she only had one significant boyfriend.

It does not sound right to me due to the fact beautiful ladies could possibly get gender on demand, so just why on the planet would she maybe not make use of that possibility?

It really is fascinating the range of expectations you see among men for just what gorgeous women’s sex lives must resemble.

There are males whom anticipate the most amazing women becoming practically virginal. There may be others just who expect these to end up being complete nymphomaniacs.

The particular fact obviously is actually beautiful women are just like normal ladies.

They will have exactly the same particular selection in sexual inclinations and knowledge you discover into the common population of girls: some with quite a few lovers, some with few, the majority of someplace in the middle… because of the additional perspective that as ladies get more gorgeous, they

development toward

a lot fewer total life time intercourse associates.

But… why?

The reason why won’t these ladies, considering the possible opportunity to connect with many hot guys, indulge?

Or, on the other hand, because of the power to

perhaps not

must get together, precisely why won’t they remain virgins till matrimony?